Multiviewer.TV – Simple Monitoring Solution
Affordable Software Solution
Up to 20 Players at once
Flexible Layout Designer
Customized colour scheme
Alerts with Email, Sound Alarm and Penalty Box
Alerts with Email, Sound Alarm and Penalty Box
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Affordable Software Solution
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Up to 20 Players at once
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Flexible Layout Designer
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Customized colour scheme
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Alerts with Email, Sound Alarm and Penalty Box
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Dolby Digital 5.1 channel VU meter

What we offer

MultiViewer is a software application that monitors common streaming protocols RTP, UDP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS and TS over HTTP. 

Its purpose is to receive and analysed up to 20 video streams or files pre-recorded as TS – arrange per your design layout grid and represent them in the full screen on the any resolution monitor. The system provides a real-time view of multiple video services coming from different streaming servers. Streams with different streaming protocols can be monitored in the same time. The app will restart the player automatically - if it will detect the freeze/black frames. It will replace missing stream with colour bars slate and as an option: will send email, create log and play alarm sound.

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If all you need to keep an eye on your source feeds running without problems - save time with few mouse clicks - choose your template, load your playlist and start monitoring.


It will detect and display stream protocol, codec, frame rate and frame resolution. It will use VU meter for sound monitoring and replace missing stream with colour bars. 


Up to 20 media players on any resolution display - you can change backgrounds, sound alert files, Multiviewer ID title, player frame and widget face clock colour, so you can differentiate that monitoring system: for compliance, Off-air, playout systems, origin or edge servers etc.



Multi-Channel IPTV 
Viewing experience

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Key Features

Low-cost solution 
to monitor streams

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System specIFICATION

Runs on Windows 
32/64- bit OS

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What you get

User Friendly

Flexible Layout Designer has simplified user interface with minimal elements to help you design your monitoring layout from single player all the way up to 20 players per screen.

Easy to use

In-build template generator has 3 predefined options, which calculates size of the current display and creates a grid: 3x3 - 9 players , 4x3 - 12 players or 5x4 - 20 players, for your convenience. 

Close unwanted player-panels or add an extra and resize them as you like - quick and easy

Splash popup window

You can change default title to your Company name or monitor ID during the launch

Customized Colour Scheme

Choose any background, any colour of the player frame and 8 colours of the widget clock face to identify your monitoring system and comply with your requirement

System Clock Widget

Use that widget to monitor CPU and memory load, system drive capacity and network activity. 

It can be used as an alarm clock for a Live Events reminders or something else.

Load Streams

With M3U Playlist converter you can open .m3u file and load to Multiviewer streams configuration tab. A demo playlist available for download from the Internet.

Analyse feeds 

Rectify issues with the incoming streams prior launching  monitoring  

Backup and Restore

Save current configuration with the timestamp in the file name and restore at anytime


Penalty Window

Visual attention with the penalty window and colour bars slate. It will automatically resize a missing feed player and move to penalty position

Sound Alerts

Get sound warning with lost of signal, freeze or black frames. Choose your alert sound from wav or mp3 files. 

Email Notification

Configure SMTP or Gmail account and get email alerts with freeze frame attachment


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