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My system hits 100% CPU usage during the monitoring. Does Multiviewer supports GPU playback and can release CPU load?

Yes, if a compatible VGA card has being install on your system - using CUDA, all players playback can be offload to GPU, which will reduce CPU usage by 50~60%. List of supported cards can be found here.

My streams only show Stereo VU meter. Why I don't see 6 audio tracks?

Stream should contain more than 2 (stereo) tracks - the codec could be AAC ADTS or AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1 with those extra audio tracks. Multiviewer will automatically detect that during the launch and display VU meter with multiple tracks, if they are present.

Multiviewer is running, but how do I exit or close this program - there is no button?

In order to exit Multiviewer just press [Esc] button on your keyboard - you will be prompt to confirm quitting.

What are essential keyboard shortcuts?

Few keyboard buttons are dedicated for specific function during program run 

[ESC] - exit or quit from running program (Layout Designer, Multiviewer Configuration and Monitoring)

[F1] - shows currently configured links in the pop-up window during the monitoring

[F2] - saves current layout settings in Layout Designer

Does Multiviewer supports MPEG-DASH?

Yes, DASH streams are supported. Player will display stream type during the monitoring. 

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