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Bitrate calculator

Version 1.0.36

Bitrate calculator is a free and open source GNU/GPL utility by philippe734. Inspired from the bitrate calculator of MeGUI but in a stand alone version. No need MeGUI and no need microsoft framework. Developped by philippe734, author of VPN Lifeguard.

  • Latest version 1.0.36 (August 2, 2012)
  • Software License Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)
  • Supported operating systems Windows (other OS from developer website)

More information and other downloads

    Install for Linux

    Application written in Visual Basic Gambas.

    1.Open terminal and add the PPA for the language Gambas

    $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gambas-team/gambas3
    $ sudo apt-get update
    2.Download the package .deb of the application below and install it.

    3.The dependancy for the Gambas language will be automatically installed.
      Download 1.0.36