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IPTV Links Inspector

Updated Version 1.06.2!!! requires installation and contains FFmpeg files and libraries, so just run setup and follow instruction on the screen. Use different folder during installation, if you would like to keep previous version

IPTV Links Inspector helps to check streaming URLs by loading M3U playlist file from local hard drive or directly from Internet and analyze every link one by one or in the turbo mode - up to 10 streams at once. You may load M3U playlist file to calculate existing streams, remove blank lines in the playlist, play links with ffplayer one stream after another or save them as XML playlist ready for IPTVx App. In addition, it has multiviewer mode up to 9 VLC media players at the time. It comes with M3U file converter utility that converts m3u playlist to different type of the playlists.  New version has a few handy tools to automate batch testing, analyse IPTV portal links and search for channels online...

  • Added video resolution detection and on-fly channel renaming option (SD, HD, FHD, UHD)
  • Fixed clipboard issue
  • Instant playback with VLC media player when double click selected channel
  • Copy selected channel link with right button mouse click menu
  • Get account status info from single link (iptv panels)
  • Loads all channels from server from single link for testing
  • UDPXY, Astra, Flussonic servers scanner - search by sequence links or list of words
  • Notepad++ as default Editor (needs to be installed first)
  • IPTV Batch Inspector - automatically performs all M3U file checks in selected folder
  • Convenient Channel Search
  • Trial Demo 1 day - forced Contribution to support this project (price of a coffee)
  • Screenshots of tested channels in the GUI monitor
  • Full version required an activation key
  • Optional display Popup window - re-sizeable from Settings menu
  • Adjustable Probe request Timeout for slow HLS links
  • Access to the folder with the screenshots via toolbar
  • Contribution button to support this project
  • Minor bugs fixed to improve reading the playlist and VLC file path
  • Multiprocessing power - checks up to 10 streams at once - reduce waiting time
  • Creates recently checked file list menu via set.ini
  • Convenient (Safe) program Exit manageable via settings
  • Refresh notification area - gets rid of ghost icons
  • Improved online stream detection
  • Check for updates menu option
  • Right button mouse click for quicker/comfortable menu option access
  • Exit confirmation window - prevents quitting the program accidentally
  • Minimise button fixed for Windows 10
  • Remote M3U playlists reading from different sources around the World
  • Automatically removes blank/empty lines from loaded playlist
  • Minor bugs fixed for improved performance loaded playlist
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